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Honiton Evangelical Congregational Church September

Dear Friends,


We have been a year in Honiton now and to locate where we are and where we are going as a church.  I am going to answer some FAQs.

Firstly: Are you settled? Yes. We miss our friends but feel at home in Honiton. Thank you for a loving welcome.

Do you miss being General Secretary of EFCC? No –  every Sunday makes me more convinced moving back into a pastorate was the Lord’s will.

How long are you planning to stay? I made a commitment of seeking to serve as pastor for at least five years. After that I believe that the good of the church demands I am flexible about when exactly I leave (see 5. below).

The Question that ought to be asked This is a question I ask myself, ‘What do I want to see happen while I am pastor at Honiton?’ The list is limited by space and because some things I want to see in a church are already present here.

1. Conversions I could say ‘church growth’ but I mean conversion growth. If this is our aim the Lord will also strengthen us by providing the gifts and personnel we need.

2. Increasing effectiveness Evangelism and our responsibility to build one another up needs to become our mindset controlling our lives as individuals and together.

3. An increasing and strengthening unity Churches need a shared vision of who they are and where they are going. Unity includes avoiding conflict but positively it is a pattern of praying and working together for the gospel.

4. A more healthy age balance Visiting churches for EFCC I used to ask myself, ‘How will this church appear in 10 years time?’ Enough said!

5. The church able to move ahead confidently I want to help the church avoid a long term and potentially discouraging search for a minister by being flexible about when I leave. This will mean I can support the church in their ministerial search and hopefully know that the way ahead is settled before I move on.

Hopefully I haven’t raised more questions than I’ve answered but if I have you can always ask me.

Yours in the Lord,