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Honiton Evangelical Congregational Church March

Dear Friends,

Holiday News

Our visit to Egypt was really enjoyable, deeply thought provoking and spiritually exciting. For our first week we were on a Nile cruise, which  was our first cruise, and we loved it. Many hotels can be very impersonal and you rarely exchange more than a few words with anyone. On the cruise we were allocated a set table and strangely ended up with two couples who like us have a very strong central Lancashire connection. We all ended up exchanging contact details which was great.

I hadn’t realized how fascinating being in Egypt would be from the perspective of understanding the Bible. Three things that particularly caught my mind were:

1. The desert – there is just mile after mile of it without any vegetation or water whatsoever.  The Exodus from Egypt seems even more remarkable when you see it – after a few miles you give up looking at the scenery it’s just more of the same. Flying into Hurghada Airport we saw Sinai and it is spectacular.

2. The highly developed civilisation that Joseph and then Moses were exposed to. Egypt contained the largest cities in the world and some of the great temples were over 500 years old when the Exodus took place.

3. The value of temples in teaching about God. The tabernacle and then the temple were in some ways like the temples of the nations around them. They had various areas as you approached the inner sanctuary. A place for the congregation, for the priests and then the holy place where the God was. I am aware of the profound differences but temples emphasize truths about God easily lost in a secular society.

The greatest surprise was people’s willingness to talk about Christianity and what they want to understand and what they don’t understand or believe. Within a day of arriving two women were chatting to us. One had done the Alpha Course and couldn’t see why if God is willing to forgive and welcome all who come to him it is necessary to trust Jesus. She asked on the course and was told to google it! She told me I did better - we’ve left our email address if she has further questions.

We also had time to listen to quite a bit of a sermon series on 2 Timothy by Eric Alexander – highly recommended and spiritually refreshing. However all in all we are glad to be back.

Yours in the Lord,


P.S. Some photos have been added below. Roll mouse pointer over to see enlarged image